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Hindi (हिंदी),Gujarati ( ગુજરાતી )

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About Us Acharya Maulik Madhu

Maulik Madhu is a professional astrologer from Ahmedabad (Gujarat). He is Double Graduate (Science and Law Graduate) from Guj University. He is gold medallist in Vedic Astrology. He uses and practices astrology knowledge as a tool of betterment in human life. He is serving his Vedic Astrology knowledge consultation to his clients. He provides consultation for finance, education, business, health, career, profession, marriage, job, love, muhurta for various auspicious events, expertise in prashna kundali to get sure answer.

Specialist In

Vedik astrology,prashna kundali


Jyotish acharya


Gold medal in astrology


Vedik astrology, prashna kundali


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