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Vedic Astrology,KP System,Gemini,Lal Kitab,Vastu,Numerology,Tarot Reading,Horary

English,Hindi (हिंदी),Punjabi,Bengali

Exp: 21 years Years

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About Us Aacharya Anshuman Chatterjee

Destiny have chosen Aacharya Anshuman Chatterjee a professional Astrologer to help the clients in distress. He is associated with various reputed publications and news channels. Conducting classes on Astrology, Palmistry, Face reading , Vaastu from Udaipur remains his passion. This profession gives him a lot of job satisfaction as his Astrology shows a remedial solution which acts as a guiding light to numerous people. Many of his articles are published in reputed newspapers, magazines and at many times, he is called by TV news channels to give Astrological tips. Acharya Anshuman was very fortunate to learn Astrology in his Father's lap since childhood. Now,he has become very professional and specialised in Vedic Astrology, K.P Stellar Astrology, Face reading, numerology and palmistry. As an Astrologer, he has earned Jyoti a well known name out of his astrological predictive talents. He specialises in queres to health, wealth, education, love life, marriage, luck, profession, business and on legal issues. He strongly believes in a prenatal karmic account of cause and effect in human life. He is indeed bestowed with divine gift of prediction. He is in a " joie de vivre" mood which means lively and cheerful enjoyment in life on a positive note. To give impetus to the positive powers of lucky planets, he suggests wearing gemstones, rudraksha and other semi-precious stones. It is against his astrological principle to cater to queries related to death, gambling like lottery number and gender of child birth etc. He is soft spoken, cheerful and friendly and listens carefully to client queries that makes people consult him in an effortless and comfortable manner. Also through numerology, he has altered spellings of many of his clients so as to make them more successful in life. Acharyaji practices remedial vaastu at purchased home but during purchase of land or new home, college,factories he practices ancient vaastu shastra.He discourages investing in stock market if your stars are not in favour. He is of strong opinion not to lose money in the stock market but to save the hard earned money in the bank or increase through other money multiplication methods.

Specialist In

Vedic Astrology , KP , Gemini , Face Reading , Lal Kitab, Palmistry , Numerology


Masters Degree in HR , Learned astrology from my Family.

Focus Area

Astrology , Palmistry , Face reading, Vaastu etc.

Backgound Area

Astrology, Palmistry , Face Reading , Vaastu etc.


Astrology, Palmistry , Face Reading , Vaastu etc.


Astrology , singing , playing harmonium , musical keyboard , reading Newspaper and Novels


In Astrology, prediction comes true. My articles covered in newspaper , magazine . Many times appreared in TV Channels to benefit viewers.


Sound Judgement and deep intution.


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