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I, Arunima verma, am an astrologer. To me, astrology encompasses, the power of whole universe in itself (the complete Brahmaand). Astrology is my first passion and yes, dwelling in it is the entire purpose of my life. Helping humanity by introducing the knowledge of Astrology called Jyotish so that people may feel blessed and their ignorance be removed under the divine light, is the purpose of my life. Since ages, the original form of Astrology in the Indian subcontinent, was popularly known as VEDIC ASTROLOGY includes, a vast ocean of both material and spiritual knowledge. Astrology is the divine science through which the astrologers attempts to study the planetary positions and properties that may affect people and events in some way or the other.The stars and planets cast a sense of curiosity and mystery and an Astrologer attempts to unravel its influences for the native’s benefit. The native’s personal Astrologer can assist him/ her in discovering one’s strengths and assets besides helping him/her in how to channelize their energies in a positive direction. Astrology for any native, is a knowledge of one’s own destiny or fate. In fact, is a deeper understanding of one’s own potential. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to know of events now, that may affect us in future. Predicting future is one of the many aspects of Astrology, and becoming aware of one’s own ability to affect positively is an amazing source of strength. An Astrologer is a true counsellor, an advisor who from time to time, can counsel to help you to chalk out/plan your life. Keen interest in Astrology led me to take this up seriously, as a course, I finally, took a plunge by enrolling myself at BVB in Delhi. Trying my predictions on family members as well as in neighborhood, which turned out to be true. As I came to know about this talent of mine, I decided to pursue my passion. Dear friends!! Please feel free to contact me if you find yourself anywhere anytime surrounded by problems or any other confusion regarding choosing subject, career, life partner (matrimony), Children related, any ailment (medical) and so on. I will attempt to use my astrological knowledge & guidance to help you to overcome those difficult situations of your life. So be the master of your own destiny,….. pick up the phone and reach out to me and wipe out, any confusion in your mind that is bothering you……

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I did predictions that came out to be true. So predicting especially in order to help the ones who need it is my passion.


Astrology is something , I learnt about and now, which I am so fond of. So 4 years back, I decided to pursue it seriously and make it my profession. It is a means or a tool through which I can reach people who really are in need to know about themselves in order to find solutions for their strugggles by use of these asrtological predictions.


Writing, Reading, Music, Painting, Fabric painting,


Jyotish Alankar from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (K.G Marg)


Always ready to learn new things; Always ready to help the one who is in need.


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